Abandoned mine outside Ludvika

Mining began 1937 and whole business were shut down in 1979.

Severe case of man flu

Home from work, laying in bed thinking about life. At least it isn’t stomach flu… This time. Looked at some old photos and stumbled upon this one, a guy diving into a hole in the woods. Pretty neat.

Hole in the woods
A hole in the woods


Ledig, solen skiner, barnen glada och semestern närmar sig med stormsteg. Fantastiskt!

Vår åttaåriga son fick ett headset för att kunna prata med sina kompisar när de spelar online. Det intressanta är att när headsetet åker på åker Dalmålet ut. Vet inte vad det är för dialekt riktigt men det låter fantastiskt roligt…

White Christmas after all

In recent years during christmas we’ve lacked some snow, christmas and no snow just feels wrong somehow.

This year at least we got some covering the ground.

Buddies in the woods

For once I managed to remember to bring my camera with me when leaving home. Was just going to pick up my son at his friends house when I saw these two minding their own business.

Lion in Zion

Stumbled upon this lazy lion at Borås Djurpark. I don’t visit zoo’s anymore, all those wild animals kept in captivity just feels wrong.

Ludvika in the dusk and drone mishaps

View over the city from above. My drone complained about being 54 meters below ground?! ;-). Trying to land it from -54 meters was interesting.

Another scary experience occurred during this summer. Brought my drone to the beach and sent it off, of course it lost both wifi and gps and took off over the water… I almost shit my pants running after it. Luckily it returned home after a while when battery level went low. 

Burning sky

Was looking at some old photos and stumbled upon this from last winter. Looked like the sky was burning. Pretty amazing.

Soaked in morning glory

Woke up one early morning and the mist outside was incredible. The sun barely reached thru the clouds. Fired up my drone above the clouds and got some exciting photos. One lesson learned though, humidity in mist is quite dense, drone was pretty soaked when it returned home, yay!


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