Post 500px. Hello Unsplash!

After 500px tragically were sold to some Chinese folks, the community slowly died. The community part was the main reason I once upon a time signed up for an account and stayed there. The terms of service soon changed as well, making it easier to once and for all cut the rope.

So post 500px, what were the alternatives? Well, to make a medium long story short I ended up giving Unsplash a shot back in 2018.

Unsplash is lacking a commenting system, but I’m better off without it. If you like a photo, you hit the “like” button, if you dont like it, just dont hit that button, easy, clean and simple! The statistics show how many people liked, viewed and downloaded my photos, that’s all I need to satisfy my dark urges.

My first photo that I uploaded was “Junk food missionaries“. What caught my initial interest was that guy to the left picking his nose like there was no tomorrow. As of today current statistics:

Fast Food
Junk Food Missionaries

The other main reason I “love” Unsplash is that since so many people are using it, it’s a wet dream to find inspiration in. Photographers, visual artists and other creative people are sharing their beautiful creations giving me lots of ideas…

I haven’t uploaded much yet but feel free to pay my profile page a visit.

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